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Morphsuits are all-in-one spandex suit that cover the whole of your body from head to toe! They've been specially designed so that users can breathe through them, see through them, drink through them (only water of course!..), but nobody can see who's inside. They come in 30 or so vibrant colours and patterns so the response from people is unbelievable, we reckon it’s a bit like being a celebrity. Morphsuits go down a storm pretty much anywhere from festivals to football games, fundraisers to frat parties, Halloween to Happy Birthdays, batchelor/stags/bucks to bungee jumps, or for just picking up some milk and bread from your local supermarket.

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Halloween starts here: Morphsuits unleashes fright mob of horror to petrify unsuspecting Brits this October

Costume company Morphsuits invites fans to prank their friends with a bloodthirsty crack team in the lead up to Halloween.

Britain has been ambushed by a wave of terror after a fright mob made up of zombies, undead pirates, possessed surgeons and a rampaging pack of spine-chilling monsters, was let loose at midnight last night.

The first Fright Mob took place at midnight last night on the Victoria line on the London Underground. Unsuspecting commuters were shaken from the usual monotony of their journeys home when the Fright Mob descended from nowhere to unleash panic and chaos in the carriage. No sooner had the screams erupted, the train stopped and the Fright Mob disappeared into the darkness… Footage of the ultimate pranking machine can be seen here (Do not watch if you’re of a nervous disposition).

  • Every week on Twitter, fans will be invited to nominate their friends to be fright mobbed using the hashtag #FrightMobMyMate.
  • Morphsuit monsters will work in private with a ‘winner’ each week to find the time and place to Fright Mob their friend.
  • The Fright Mob will be on the loose for the whole of October (one per week), and after the reign of fear ends on 1st November.
  • Global phenomenon Morphsuits, who recently launched Morph Costume Co. claimed they were the masterminds behind the petrifying Halloween assault.
  • The next generation of fancy dress costumes pioneer the addition of wearable technology with patented integration of a smartphone app, developed by ex NASA scientist, Mark Rober.
  • The costumes are brought to life by showing complimentary animations, for example a real-life beating heart in an open chest wound, or scores of flesh eating maggots.


Co-founder of Morphsuits, Gregor Lawson commented:

“Last year at Halloween, we saved London from a Zombie invasion with our Power Ranger Morphsuits, and also took ninja skills to the cinemas to punish anyone who dared to talk during a film. This year, we’ve cranked up the scare factor.

The total retail market for Halloween has reportedly grown from £12m in 2001 to £300m in 2011 and research has shown that the three most popular areas to have seen spending skyrocket are confectionary, pumpkins and fancy dress costumes, and overall spending increased by 25% from 2011 to 2012.

No one else has costumes quite like ours and we’ve seen Halloween celebrations get bigger, better and more creative every year – the time has come for Halloween costumes to take it up 10 notches – our latest range has done just that.”

Alice Beaton, one of the commuters who witnessed the mob, commented:

“It was the most petrifying experience of my life. I was reading the paper on the train home, when the lights started to flicker and suddenly I heard these weird noises, a sort of gargling… next thing I knew, there was masses of ghastly looking people dressed as zombies and scary all-in-one suits storming the carriage. Myself and the other commuters just screamed and tried to escape! It was clear it was a prank, but my heart was pounding. Absolutely terrifying!”


All Images: Paul Clarke Photography

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Now you see me… Morphsuits brings military tech to masses with real life ‘invisibility suit’

Morphsuits breaks silence on secret R&D project from ex-NASA scientist Mark Rober, announcing launch of costume designed to make the wearer ‘invisible’. Morphsuits has today launched the first ever costume designed to make the wearer entirely invisible to the naked eye. The suit, dubbed ‘Hollow Man Morphsuit’ has undergone over three years of research and […]

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