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Innis & Gunn is a brewing company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Brewed in Glasgow at Wellpark, established in 2003 its beer has become the most popular British bottled beer sold in Canada, and second most popular in Sweden.

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Innis & Gunn

Swallow the truth: Innis & Gunn makes its mark on the U.S. with a beer brewed with truth serum

Innis & Gunn makes its mark on the U.S. with the first beer brewed with a truth serum

Independent Scottish brewer, Innis & Gunn, is bringing its traditional Scottish straight-talking honesty to Americans with a bang; with the launch of the world’s first truth-telling beer. The limited edition beer, Smoke & Mirrors, will become more than just a metaphor for deception, as it’s brewed with a truth serum to ensure no lies will pass the drinker’s lips after the first sip.

Smoke & Mirrors has been brewed on Innis & Gunn’s home soil in Scotland, using the brewer’s
innovative Oakerator™ (their own invention used to oak-age beers, similar to a coffee percolator). This particular brew, includes Innis & Gunn Original and three natural ingredients, each which aid the truth-enhancing process:

  • Licorice root – aside from giving the brew a unique and interesting flavor profile, studies
    show that over a prolonged time, liquorice helps keep mental skills sharp and improves cognitive functions. No excuses for a hazy memory.*
  • Mullein – commonly used during the brewing process, mullein is also a natural relaxant
    that encourages open and honest behaviour.**
  • Vine essence – this ingredient is for people who know their own minds and are certain of
    their ability. It helps the drinker to inspire or lead people, without force.***

During a phase in which the country’s interest in the political sphere is at an all-time high, Smoke & Mirrors could not have come at a more appropriate time. Coming from Scotland, a nation that has recently faced months of political uncertainty and mistruths, the brewer can relate to the American people during the run-up to the Presidential Election.

As a result, it has sent bottles of the new brew to Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, reminding them of the importance of truthful campaigning as they battle it out to become the country’s next leader.


Dougal Gunn Sharp, founder and master brewer at Innis & Gunn, said:

“Scotland is a straight-talking nation and we’re looking forward to bringing a little part of our Scottish candidness over to the States, along with our most innovative brew to date, Smoke & Mirrors.”

Dougal continues,

“At Innis & Gunn, we’re committed to pushing forward the boundaries of beer innovation; experimenting with new brewing methods and flavour profiles. Our latest beer has been brewed especially for the American people and demonstrates how beer can be so much more than just a drink. Through Smoke & Mirrors, we have the power to open up a more real, more honest world.”


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About Smoke & Mirrors

With an ABV of 7.4%, Smoke & Mirrors (11.2FL.OZ) has a digestive biscuit flavour with delicious creamy malt notes. Hop bitterness follows to balance and cleanse the palate. It has a rich buttery caramel aroma with hints of spicy liquorice and butter toast. The finish of Smoke & Mirrors is clean and creamy, leaving pleasant warm notes on the back of the tongue. Using Innis & Gunn’s core beer, Original, as the foundation, three key ingredients (Licorice, Mullein and Vine) known for their cognitive enhancing properties have been added during the brewing process. The result is the first beer brewed with a truth serum. Smoke & Mirrors is a limited edition beer and is unavailable to the public, or for purchase. Drinkers must be over 21.

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