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Inspired by the 10,000 hours theory by Dr Anders Ericsson and popularised by Malcolm Gladwell, FUEL believes practise can make perfect. 20 hours a week. 1,000 hours a year. For 10 years. 10,000 hours is the level of practice required for you to become elite in your chosen field, whether athlete or artist, musician or businessman. We want to motivate you along your own ’10k hours’ journey and this starts with putting the right food into your body at breakfast to energise and strengthen it. FUEL provides the sustenance you need to get you started in the morning, whether you have time for FUEL Energy Granola, or you can wait two minutes for FUEL Porridge Pots or you are out the door with FUEL Liquid

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Innovative breakfast brand adds new flavour to liquid breakfast range 

Breakfast maverick, FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS, is trialing the world’s first ‘Liquid Fry-up’ as part of its innovative liquid breakfast range. The ultimate in convenience foods,FUEL has packed all of the traditional English breakfast goodies into a carton so people can enjoy the sizzle of a fry-up on the go, without the hassle of washing up.

 The crazy boffins at FUEL spent six months developing the drink, tasting over 500 fry-ups in order to get the flavour combination spot on. FUEL’s food scientists chomped their way through 100 packs of bacon, 46 tins of baked beans, 459 fried eggs and 88 packets of sausages before finally arriving at the perfect recipe.

 Barney Mauleverer, co-founder at FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS, said:

“A Full English is the quintessential British breakfast staple and is packed full of protein, recognised as a key factor in satisfying hunger and keeping you feeling fuller for longer. We wanted to create a way for people to enjoy it on the go, without needing to spend time slaving away in the kitchen. As a nation, we’ve never been so time-poor so this is the perfect antidote for those who regularly miss breakfast.

Barney continued:

 “Our aim is to shake up the breakfast market and our liquid Full English is our most daring product to date. We’re looking forward to seeing the reaction to this new flavour from customers.”

Josh Jones, a graphic designer from London, commented:

“I have to admit, I was pretty dubious when the guys from FUEL first asked me to try their liquid fry-up. I had a big gulp and was really surprised at how great it tasted. Smoked bacon, sweetness from grilled tomatoes and a lingering nutty flavour from the toast; all of which left me feeling like I had just tucked into a big fry-up. The high protein content definitely helped get me through the morning without feeling hungry.”

Breaking breakfast boundaries, following the initial trial, the ‘Full English’ will sit alongside FUEL’s existing, first-to-market protein and fibre-packed chocolate, strawberry and caramel latte flavours. Liquid FUEL contains skimmed milk, soya protein and a vitamin mix to support active lifestyles. Each 330ml carton has 20g of protein and 5g of fibre, is less than 1% fat, and is more nutritious than many UK standard cereals

Other products in the FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS product range include chocolate, nut or fruit-loaded energy granola with guarana and vitamin B; and convenient porridge pots with added milk and soya protein to keep you fuller for longer.

FUEL liquid Full English is available for a limited time only from www.fuelyour10khours.co.uk.

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