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Dunlop Adhesives is a specialist manufacturer of tile adhesives, grouts, finishing, and ancillary products and continually works to provide peace of mind for builders' merchants and their customers. Its technical helpline, e-learning portal & 10 year guarantee are favourites within the building sector.

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Dunlop Adhesives sales analysis reveals industry trends

Dunlop Adhesives, the specialist manufacturer of adhesives, grouts, finishing and ancillary products, has used sales data from the last few years to identify a number of new industry trends – including the increased popularity of particular tile materials such as porcelain and natural stone.

  • Dunlop found that many of these new trends correlated with one another
  • The company has observed a growth in the sales of powdered adhesives, reflecting the increased popularity of porcelain, natural stone and large format tiles – all of which require a cement-based (powdered) adhesive
  • In addition, an increased desire to tile in areas of the home not traditionally associated with the practice (such as conservatories, living areas and hallways), and the fact that both kitchens and bathrooms have got significantly larger in the last decade, are also likely to have contributed to the increased popularity of powdered adhesives
  • A further trend has seen the balance between floor and wall tiling narrow significantly
  • Whereas tiling has traditionally been 80% walls and 20% floor, the balance is now more like 60% walls and 40% floor
  • Again this relates to changing consumer demands within the home, with larger room sizes increasing the potential areas for floor tiling
  • Research has shown that the average bathroom size has increased over the last few years – with the average dimensions for a shower cubicle jumping from 300cm by 300cm to 300cm by 600cm, plus and increased uptake of wet-room



Debi Bailey, Brand Manager of Dunlop Adhesives, commented:

Lots of these new trends are relatively recent developments and reflect the changing styles, attitudes and consumer demands within the industry. In terms of adhesives, the move towards the powder-based products can be interpreted as a direct result of the popularity of particular tile materials and sizes

She continued:

It’s really interesting to be able to analyse our sales patterns, and see to what extent they relate to and mirror the rest of the industry. At Dunlop we always try to ensure that we are ahead of the trend curve, so that we can be confident that all of our products meet the demands of both the trade and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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