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Spotted: Spider-Men on top of the O2 Arena!

Superheroes took over the skyline to celebrate today’s UK release of The Amazing-Spider-Man 2, with a huge group of Spider-Men scaling the external walls of the O2 to dominate one of the highest points of London’s cityscape. Taller than Big Ben, the O2 saw scores of Spider-Men make history by grappling and clambering to the […]

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Miracles for the masses: Morph Costume Co. launches ‘iJesus’ superhero costume with ‘built in miracles’ for Easter

Ahead of Easter, costume developer Morph Costume Co. has taken innovation to a new spiritual level and paid homage to the world’s first superhero with the launch of iJesus, the first ever costume to incorporate built in ‘miracles’, available here. Each costume equips the wearer with the ability to turn water into wine, and also features […]

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Forget chocolate eggs this Easter it’s all about chocolate paella!!

Leading Spanish tapas restaurant La Tasca has developed the perfect dish if you’re looking for an alternative way to enjoy chocolate this Easter…. Executive chef Antony Bennett has created (possibly) the world’s first Paella de Chocolate…and here he provides step-by-step instructions on how to create this mouth watering, pan of chocolatey goodness.

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Hawkes on the Horizon

New London based brand, Hawkes, creates a premium alcoholic ginger beer perfect for pub garden sessions With the weather hotting up, Brits have hit the beer garden in their droves in search of the perfect thirst quencher. Enter Hawkes Alcoholic Ginger Beer. The young brand’s unique screw top packaging allows the refreshing ginger beer to […]

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