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Chemical legislation changes: stay safe and avoid the hazards

The latest changes in chemical legislation and what they mean for your sector The rules around chemical labelling are changing due to the introduction of CLP: the Classification, Labelling and Packaging regulations, and as of June 1st all products must adhere to these new rules. New stricter calculation procedures will now be in place, resulting […]

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Hailo Hits the Cabwalk

Leading cabbie app Hailo today unveils its new-look cabs with the world’s first Cabwalk. As London Fashion Week came to a close, Hailo staged its very own fashion show to launch its brand new taxi designs. Held in Central London, three of Hailo’s new collection of cabs, nicknamed Cara, Kendall and Jourdan, hit the world’s […]

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Inverness woman prepares for local Strictly style fundraiser with military fitness

Lara Bowern, a 33-year-old mother from Inverness, is gearing up for the Strictly Inverness fundraiser by training with British Military Fitness (BMF), the UK’s undisputed leader in outdoor fitness. The annual dance event will be hosted at the Inverness Ice Centre from 13th – 16th May, with 16 couples judged on their dancing and fundraising […]

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Taxi for Madge

Leading cab app, Hailo, has offered Madonna a ‘Taxi for Madge’ after her spectacular fall at last night’s BRIT Awards. The Queen of Pop tumbled down a set of stairs and landed awkwardly as a backing dancer tried to remove her cape during her performance of Living for the Love. To avoid any further potential […]

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How Do You Like Them Apples? Hawkes Urban Orchard craft cider launches in UK.

London-based cidermaker harnesses social power to launch craft cider blended with donated urban apples.  Made with a blend of culinary apples and those sourced from urban orchards and apple donors, London-based, Hawkes, has today launched its pioneering Urban Orchard craft cider. Following the launch of its hugely successful alcoholic ginger beer, the craft cider will […]

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