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A foundation for your child’s future – hints and tips towards success with phonics

By Charmaine Fletcher, Managing Director at Everybody Learns Starting primary school is a major milestone for children and one that parents will want to help their child navigate as smoothly as possible. Whether your child has just started school, or it’s still very much on the horizon, it is essential that you do everything possible […]

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Very Important Fresher: Uni Baggage launches UK’s first luxury transport service just for students

Delivery specialist Uni Baggage has launched the UK’s first luxury transport service just for students travelling to University. Freshers now have the option to travel to their first day on campus by luxurious and bespoke transport options, through the ‘Very Important Fresher’ service, aptly titled: ‘VIF’. Paul Stewart, founder of Uni Baggage commented: “The aspirations […]

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Lager is dead. Long live lager: BrewDog plots end to ‘lager lout’ culture with launch of This. Is. Lager. craft beer

Craft brewery says redefining Britain’s most popular beer style can end binge drink culture for good Scotland’s largest independent brewery, BrewDog has set its sights on obliterating the ‘insidious culture around lager drinking’ cultivated by decades of mass marketing by launching a beer that takes the lager style back to its roots. Launching tomorrow, This. […]

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Northern lasses’ tubby tummies vs. southern ladies’ bingo wings: the North/South divide

British Military Fitness (BMF), the UK’s undisputed leader in outdoor fitness, has revealed that the north/south divide is as fierce as Iain and Diana’s GBBO rivalry, with 87% more northern lasses identifying their tummies as the part of their body they would most like to tone up, compared to the ladies of the South. This […]

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